In the Bayou

The Storehouse was born in the Piney Woods of Oakdale Lousiana. Oakdale is located almost in the dead center of Louisiana and to locals this area is know as CENLA. If you live in the center of the state, you’re from “CENLA” — pronounced “sin-la”. 

This month we wanted to highlight a few parts of Louisiana that may not be widely known. As you watch for the photo preview releases each day through the rest of January, we will be introducing you to a little bit of our Cajun culture and some interesting facts about Louisiana. 

As always, we appreciate your love for these shoes! It is blessing so many beyond measure!!! 

Crawfish Oil Tanned | Cypress Knee Raised Suede | Geaux Gunmetal Rainbow | Lagniappe Embossed | Silt Suede

This collection is a preorder collection that won't ship now. We always expect our preorders to get to our shop in about 8 weeks from ordering.