Introducing the New Storehouse FLEX!

Did you hear the news?! We’ve introduced the brand new Storehouse Flex!! Can you believe it? More amazingness. Let’s dig a little deeper to what they are.
>>> Flex vs Flat <<<
We are SO stoked for these!!
Different fit, different look, full support, full sole, same quality that you know and love.
You can see the length of the Flex is a tad longer, and tapers more narrow with that added length.
The Flex is also fuller and covers more of the toe box. There is no elastic band like the Flats, it’s just a perfect fit. I told Aaron it’s like it was Cinderella’s slipper, it just fit PERFECTLY the first time. I’m pretty sure there was music that rang out in the background, too 😉.
For my foot shape, you can see the Flex starts to taper at the widest part of my foot, which makes them even more lovable. ✌️♥️🦶
The Flex’s heel looks similar to the Flat, but I think you will find them even MORE comfortable, if that’s even possible. Just think the elastic band of the Flat sometimes needs a break in period for the heel. If you are one of those people, I think you’ll find these comfortable right out of the box.
Did you check out the full sole of the Flex?! I know this will make some ladies VERY happy. They are flexible, easy to walk in, amazing support, won’t ware the leather down. 🙌
For Flex sizing, we recommend the same as our Flats. If you are in between sizes, you will want to size up! I’m a 7.8 and prefer the 8.
Do I have a new favorite? Absolutely too hard to choose. They are both unique in look and feel, and both have an appropriate time and place to be worn. I cannot wait to hear what YOU guys think. 
Well, are you in or are you IN?

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  • Linda H

    Love these new flex amd the leather is so soft on your feet! Very high-end and look so exquisite. Cant wait for more colors like purple. hint hint ;)

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