Sizing Tips - For The Storehouse Flats

One of the most frequently asks questions is How do the Storehouse Flats fit?

We are here to answer! They are whole shoe sizes 5 -12. Simple answer: These are true to size, and If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up to the nearest whole size. We find this to be true for 98% of our customers.

We will go over some sizing fits and tips below, to help you get the perfect fit the first time. These are all recommendations and everyone is different, but we are happy to help make sure you have to correct sizing. If you get them home and find out you'd prefer something different, we will easily exchange or return for you. 

How should they fit?
If you're not familiar with how flats fit, they should be fitted around the toe box, without much space left between your big toe and the edge. You want them fitted, but not too tight. Majority of customers, especially if accustomed to previous flats, don't experience a break in time with our soft and pliable leather flats. If break in time is needed, we recommend walking around your house in your flats in your house before wearing a full day out. These are 100% leather, and will stretch and mold to your foot.

What if I have a wide/narrow foot?
These ballet flats were made with a wide foot in mind, with a roomy toe box. Sizing suggestions from above are still recommend, as 98% of our wide foot customers would agree.
If your foot is Narrow, we still recommend your true size as suggested above.

Nichole's Preference:
I have tried on and compared for you below so maybe it can help to show you. I am a true 7.5. I can fit the size 7, but it is a snug fit, and I prefer more room. The Size 8 is my preferred size. Fitted around the toe box, but doesn't squish. Sizing up to the 9 there is a lot of extra room in the sides and toe box, with more than a thumb size gap between my toe and the front of the shoe. They stay on my foot fine, but I don't prefer the look or fit. When I included one of our Flat Sock inserts, it fills them It fills them in a bit more and easier to wear.

We are all uniquely made, even our fancy feet! If you try this fit guide and you'd prefer a different size, just know we will happily take care of you and exchange for the perfect fit. We want your feet happy, we want you happy.

Let me know in the comments below your questions or if you already have your favorite size, let us know your preference.



We mean it! If you try them and it isn't love, we don't want you to keep them! Contact us about another size for exchange or return for a full refund! Our email for any questions:

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