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We are excited to highlight this months preorder collection, a celebration of Louisiana, where The Storehouse was born. From the owners:

The Storehouse was born in the Piney Woods of Oakdale Lousiana. Oakdale is located almost in the  dead center of Louisiana and to locals this area is know as CENLA. If you live in the center of the state, you’re from “CENLA” — pronounced “sin-la”. 

This month we wanted to highlight a few parts of Louisiana that may not be widely known. As you watch for the photo preview releases each day through the rest of January, we will be introducing you to a little bit of our Cajun culture and some interesting facts about Louisiana. 

As always, we appreciate your love for these shoes! It is blessing so many beyond measure!!! 

Preorder is now OPEN!

For this months incentives, we are giving you a choice as a thank you! Preordering also guarantees yourself a pair at preorder pricing.

1. Every February preorder can pick either a mystery bag, Flat Socks, or The Popcorn Shop popcorn. Find the listing here to add to your cart!

2. Order 3+ Flats and get an additional pair of Flat Socks.

3. Order all 5 February Preorder Flats and we will also add a #trustaaron gift!

4. Order any 3 February Preorder Flats + any other 3 in stock flats (for a total of 6 flats) we will also add a #trustaaron gift.

5. Free Flats in Random Orders! We love to throw in extra flats, and any February Preorders purchased durning the 1st-5th will be entered into a drawing for a free pair of mystery flats!

Time to meet the flats!


Crawfish Oil Tanned

Starting in February, you will see fresh boiled crawfish popping up everywhere around louisiana. Crawfish season here is a huge industry and keeps many families fed. In any town you drive through, you can find a little shack, boiling crawfish, sausage, corn and potatoes. 

These oil tanned beauties are a true crawfish shade of reddish orange! Rich and perfect for going into spring! 


 Lagniappe Embossed

Pronounced “lanny-yapp”, this is Louisiana way of saying “a little extra”. Before we moved here, I had never heard this word before. I was sure folks were speaking another language when they said it. Here at The Storehouse, many retailers choose to give freebies along with your order. That’s considered Lagniappe!

These shoes are just that— a little something extra! They are a rich taupey, caramel brown and are embossed one almost a basket weave — highlighted with white. These have a definite texture and are so soft!



Geaux Gunmetal Rainbow

To reflect the state’s French heritage, many sorts fans here in Louisiana, changed the spelling of “go,” to geaux, but it’s pronounced the same way.

Many shirts and team apparel feature “Geaux Saints” or “Geaux Tigers” to support a favorite team! 

If you have been collecting all of the beautiful rainbow collection, this one is a must have. It’s darker and more gray than our rainbow bronze. Take these beauties out in the sun and you’re going to see a dazzling rainbow! 




Silt Suede

As we said a few days ago, crawfish trapping is a big thing here. Huge fields covering acres and acres, are flooded with water, creating this rich silty mud...the perfect home for crawfish!! 

Silt suede are the perfect shade of dark rich earth. It’s black with a slight brown and purple mixed in. If you could plant a seed in a garden filled with soil that looks like this, you would have a full garden! The suedes are just gorgeous— and this is our first of many  new colors coming from our 2021 collection! 



Cypress Knees Raised Suede

Take a drive through the swampy, southern part of Louisiana, and you will no doubt see cypress knees popping up everywhere. These “knees” grow from horizontal roots of Cypress trees that are just below the surface and protrude up through the water or ground. Theyare used for furniture and decorating here! 

When I saw the color and texture of these shoes, I knew the name right away. Many of you have a few other raised suedes from previous releases— you have come to know and love the gorgeous high end feel of this particular collection! We are adding to it with these beauties. If you are looking for an earthy neutral, these are just beautiful. 


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